Deluxe Guitars

We just love the people at Deluxe guitars! Not only do they have an awesome selection of guitars in their shop in South Melbourne but they've also provided the backline for our first four afternoons at a really great rate, so thanks to them we're getting quality equipment for the Breaking Sounds performers.

Testing Grounds

Thank-you to Testing Grounds for providing the space and support to get the pilot program up and running. Testing Grounds is a like a secret space for the arts in the city, if you haven't been there yet you'll enjoy the discovery. Tucked behind the Arts centre, with easy access from Flinders St Station, its mainly open air but has a covered stage 'pod', lots of seating, and a really great atmosphere.

Karena van Maanen

Karena designed our beautiful logo, she did such a great job, we put it on a T-Shirt! Karena is also a parent to two budding musicians. See more of Karena's work at Graphic VM.

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